The PDF file has ensured that data can be shared with integrity, allowing files to be emailed or uploaded to the cloud without any fear of tampering. One issue that this can cause is the further analysis of data by the recipient.

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The benefit of turning to a PDF file in this case can become its biggest drawback as once published, the data within this type of file can not be amended, making changes and further analysis difficult.

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An Excel file is far easier to manipulate, with formulae and macros allowing the user to analyse, interrogate and generally do what they want with the file. Using Macros to automate your processes within Excel can help you to save time and reduce errors within work. The issue with sending Excel files comes from the fact that the data sent could have been changed prior to its final change of hands.

Changing one to the other

If you need to work with data sent to you as a PDF or your work relies on analysing data retrieved from PDFs online, finding a reliable and easy way to accurately transfer data to an Excel spreadsheet can help save a great deal of time.

A PDF to Excel converter should use a conversion algorithm, which ensures that the data is where you need it to be when it has been converted. Large files can be processed, with many converters being able to handle file sizes of up to 5GB, which will create a big spreadsheet.

Scanning it in

Some PDF to Excel converters are even able to cope with converting documents that have been scanned. Finding, recognising, tabulating and displaying data into a digital and editable format has been made a breeze with this software.

Above all, the time-saving benefits of the conversion from one format to another are only realised if the conversion happened with accuracy. If the first thing a user needs to do once their file has been converted is look through all data with a fine-toothed comb to check for errors, there is little benefit in getting the software to do it for you.

The algorithm used by all major converters is designed to ensure accuracy, so you can rest assured that the data will be converted with integrity.