Which should you use: PPC or SEO?

It can be challenging to stay in a good position in the search engine rankings, but understanding PPC and SEO can help you to succeed.

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The difference between PPC and SEO

Whilst SEO delivers organic positioning in the SERPS, PPC (pay per click) can gain you the coveted top slot but with the ‘ad’ label attached. In general, it is the organically attained high SEO positions that are the most coveted; however, for many businesses, using PPC can be a great way to take away the guesswork in achieving a high ranking. Furthermore, PPC content tends to earn a higher click-through rate, which means it is considered a good investment for many brands.

Whilst technically free to do, achieving a high search engine position through SEO means creating high-quality content and staying abreast of the latest changes to search engine ranking algorithms, which can be time-consuming.

Getting the best results from your approach

Choosing the right approach to digital marketing is a fine art. It can make sense to take a blended approach; for example, using HTML5 banner ads is a tried and tested way to grab the attention of internet users, while crafting high-quality SEO will help to ensure visitors click through to learn more about your offering. Much as the best placement in the search engine results is right at the top of the page, HTML5 banner ads also occupy a premium position on webpages, helping to get your business noticed. Consult a specialist such as https://thebannermen.com/banners/animated-ads/HTML5/ to find out more.

Being able to leverage your keywords is a vital part of any successful PPC campaign; of course, keywords are also important for SEO. Search Engine Journal explains how to use keywords to optimise both SEO and PPC campaigns.

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The pros of both

Organic rankings show potential customers that the result is trustworthy and high-quality, while PPC campaigns return real results in terms of generating quality leads and boosting sales. This means the choice between SEO and PPC must be a personal one: there is no right answer.

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