In the sack online reputation has been mixed and put it all together. The lack of professionalism and experience by the vast majority of experts “professional” on the internet well mixed and agitated for the occasion with marketing executives and advertising reconverted to the digital world has led to one of the largest concoctions since he invented the Kalitmotxo.

The deal is being done on the Internet by agencies and “professional” (and sorry for writing constantly “professional” in quotes, but as many of them I know more surprised me) from their accounts, no difference the way it is. Are designed serial online strategies are applied equally to the Coca-Cola brand, the company Tires Conde Rodriguez or Duke of Edinburgh profile.

It is, is not customized. Perhaps professional treatment between brand and business can be quite similar and touching up here and there out patterns of behavior but comparable at least valid for use in a standard way. Particularly not my way of working since I like to examine minutely the type and exceptional of each client in order to emphasize and differentiate themselves in the online environment. But with everything and that I recognize that such techniques are valid for online agencies that minimize costs to the maximum at the cost of putting the head of major accounts one or two fellows who give instructions, handle as puppets and give them a slap on the wrist when something does not work. By the way if you want to keep abreast of the latest indie music or know the roll more Hipster of the season nothing like stopping by any online marketing agency and enjoy along with the fellows of an exciting day sharing the latest hits on their Facebook and personal twitter. In fact, if it were invested working time between personal and professional accounts at least some customers would see their online presence is intensified to infinity.

Companies, brands and people Differentiated strategies in social networksIn short, we believe that strategies such as churros and after the Community Manager agencies apply. So far all we recognize this practice and is assumed as usual. But after the bills arrive profiles type certificate singers, players, etc. And his mods operand is exactly the same. No difference if the customer is a person, because it is not a brand, much as his name has become brand, while alive and interacting will be a person first and then a brand. And for that reason it has to differentiate the communication strategy.

First of all we must know whether the VIP character usually uses social networks. If so, we agree if you need help, we guide and monitored (which always has been considered a consulting) or if instead you want your social media accounts are managed. And this management will be done in an integrated manner or shared?

These issues or as basic premises that seem drawer are not presented by any agency, starting with the erroneous principle from everything here is built for certified accounts is done incorrectly.

Independently of unserved premises, work on the network for personal accounts is done impersonal. We put our script type brands and companies and from there we started our journey to release our roll the character following the VIP fans. And no matter that they speak to us so close hoping her idol answer them personally. Because if something offered by social networks is closeness, is to feel that the person who so admire firsthand shares part of his life with his fans. However these idols do not have the time for them and delegate agencies or professionals that make figures. These accounts unlike brands do not need strategies to attract fans; Pau Gasol by the mere fact that he has millions of fans unconditional, that they want to see to follow their favorite basketball player is a closeness and a communication which otherwise is impossible. A colleague challenged me with a character of this kind can not customize the answers to the fans because then you’d fall into the hands of trolls (almost extinct word that is rarely used, but that is more present than ever).

In a way he is right and customize all the answers is complicated and can be counterproductive. But a character of this size is just having a good team behind online presence. A good team that can distinguish between their fans who should and who should respond block; a good team that is able to communicate sincerely; a good team that is able to manage personalized advertising campaigns launch. Because if we treat the fan as he expects treats his idol at the end of the engagement that will generate incredible. Dumps efforts in this strategy will be amply rewarded, and then the ROI of that account will be invested in social networks alone. In battered accounts of many VIPs it costs bring them back months to recover costs fans lost inattention, and sometimes many unnecessary costs followers with falling numbers that other agencies were responsible for gaining weight. And although this has been said countless times it seems that we obviating: A greater number of followers is not synonymous with success on social networks. We need to become followers, not followers to follow.

The team of personal account must empathize with VIP character, just as they should empathize with the brand or company, but in this case a more markedly if possible. If an impersonal account requires care and 24 hour monitoring, let alone a personal account. The computer-character communication should be regular, at the end of the day are the digital extension, and there must be a commitment from the personal account certified attention to your team that ultimately is who translates and transfers its presence in the digital environment. If a character thinks to derive relevant actions and forget about social networks and their fans then any online marketing agency with such strategy and executing fellows is their destiny. But there are many VIPs who care about their fans and they know that ultimately it is they who feed him, those who get the marks are set on them for their next campaigns, those who buy or download their albums, those who buy their shirts, etc, etc, etc, …

Treat your followers as figures and then request their cooperation on specific projects, often it becomes an explosive bomb easily ignitable. Not that I famous that arouse animosity or envy for the fact of being, is that there are relevant personal profiles that every day would come steadily winning in social networks. If you try or no try to followers, fans end up going from your updates, for some time know that’s not you and only want to sell, then sell and sell more. Sometimes you give them some crumbs of your personal life with a nice picture on the beach while they curse you for being winter. The balance between fans and Trolls is clearly unbalanced, and when the latter decide to tolerate for some action on social networks is very difficult for the first out in support of someone who does not attend the slightest them. A relevant personal profile correctly managed to adversity of a crisis will not have much extra work, because the followers themselves act shields and firewalls. But a bad managed profile is an overflowing box of gunpowder waiting for any minimal impact to catch fire and explode.

The issue of personal profiles crisis is also much more common and easier to cause brand networks. Faults committed by public figures themselves for lack of advice and coordination squeak enough. To this we must add the large number of fans that usually drag and we have prepared the crisis. Usual daily read some gaffe of a famous social networks. Even some luxury of generating agencies are allowed or propose to these profiles the same with the sole purpose of making noise. And here we return to management by off line advertising industry profiles unaware of the consequences of such online activities. I will not deny flatly timely need to generate noise, but not agree to make this a regular tactic; the classic talk bad or what is important is to talk of one. Longtime I think you can get relevance without doing things wrong, and certainly many examples that come to mind.

So far I have listed and exemplified why the differentiation between brands, companies and individuals. There are many more reasons and many more reasons why this differentiation is much needed in online marketing. So, the best if you want a certified account and request Online Presence services recommend you ask the “professional” turn to show you the different protocols and strategies used by other brands, companies or individuals; why not all you have to try the same.