A beautiful door knocker offers both form and functionality when considering dressing your door. Not only is it a practical solution for guests, but it’s also an opportunity to get creative with your styling.

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Door knockers are thought to have originated with the Ancient Greeks, who used these as a more refined way of visitors announcing their presence, as opposed to the Spartans who gave a loud shout upon arrival.


1.      Choose something that ties in well with your existing hardware for a sleek, coordinated look.

2.      Consider the style of your door and buy a knocker that compliments it, whether that be cosy cottage charm or cool and contemporary modern.

3.      Choose whether your door knocker is purely decorative, or a functional addition. Heavier door knockers are preferred for their substantial knock.

4.      Check for proportionality. Larger entrances can handle a larger, substantial knocker, while something more delicate may suit smaller doors better.

5.      Choose something that reflects the era of your home. Victorian residences look stunning with antique styles, whereas modern new builds have a greater scope for choice.

6.      Look for a knocker that is reflective of your style. This is a great way to express your personality.

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Door Specialists

A specialist supplier of windows and front doors Stroud, such as https://www.truhouse.co.uk/double-glazing/doors/front-doors/stroud/, can assist you with all your entrance needs, whether that be a new composite, wooden or uPVC door, or a hardware makeover. Doors are available in a huge range of styles, colours, and finishes, with coordinating letter plates, knockers, handles and pull knobs.

Despite the invention of electric bells, door knockers have consistently stood the test of time throughout history, as a means of dressing your door and stamping your own personality onto your home.