Some of the best pubs in Wales

Wales is a wonderful place for a holiday either for a short trip or longer. One of its best draws are the fabulous pubs that the country has to offer. The clean and crisp air of the North Wales Mountain, the wild and stunning coastline of the South and West plus the unspoilt beauty of Mid Wales mean that the beers, wines and spirits have an extra special flavour to them. It’s also why Finance For Pubs is a good idea for anyone looking to start a business there. Look at for some options.

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  1. The Arvon Ale House in Llandrindod Wells. This is a small pub that whilst it doesn’t have a TV or a jukebox it does have great beers and ciders plus a lot of live music to see and hear.
  2. Craft Republic in Barry. On the South Coast lies this gem. A seller of craft beers as the name suggests it’s also renowned for its Dry Gin, also made locally.
  3. The Ancient Briton in Penycae near Swansea. This place stays true to its ancient roots as it welcomes many locals and visitors through its doors.

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  1. The Skirrid Mountain Inn, This is not for the faint hearted. The Skirrid is said to be one of the most haunted pubs in Wales and with good reason as it was used as a courthouse.
  2. The Turf Wrexham. Made famous by the takeover of the Football club it sits next to There’s an outside chance you’ll see Rob Mclheney and Ryan Renolds there.

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