It’s becoming harder and harder to deny that fossil fuels are making a massive contribution to the heating of the planet.  There are lots of other explanations for the warming of the world; human impact is certainly one of the most focused on.  Regardless of the environmental cost, fossil fuels are not going to last forever and will eventually run out.  Therefore the question becomes how do we continue to power the world as we do today without the resource of fossil fuels.

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One answer is to look at ensuring homes are self-sufficient when it comes to the production of electricity.  To this end, one of the best solutions is that of solar panels. A Solar Panel Installation Clevedon based company like  are one of the many future facing  organisations that will be able to provide you with solar panels.  Not only can these enable your electricity bills to come down,  as you’ll be providing most of it yourself through the panels,  there is also an opportunity to sell the electricity generated back to the National Grid.

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This action combined with the creation of large scale solar farms means that sunlight may well provide us with means and capacity to power our homes and businesses for  the centuries to come.  This combined with the forces of geothermal heating,  wind and wave power plus safer and more efficiently developed nuclear energy may well be how we all get our electricity in the future.

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