Being a man is easy when it comes to wedding wear. Put on a suit, turn up – that is all you need to know. For a woman, however, there is a lot more to wedding wear. Here are some dos and don’ts for wedding fashion.

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When it comes to wedding guest dresses, they should not be white. Ever. There is a good chance, even in this day and age that the bride will wear white and you should not compete with her or, even worse, be mistaken for her by hotel staff or other guests. Steer away from this colour at all costs.

Do not clash with the bridesmaids. Find out what colour they are wearing and try to complement this; for example, if the bridesmaids are going to be dressed in lilac, make sure you do not wear bright orange and stand next to them in the photos. This will clash badly and might upset the bride when she is looking at the photos later.

Every colour has a different meaning, which can vary depending on the circumstances and culture.

The best wedding guest dresses will complement the bride and the bridal party, so bear this in mind when deciding what to wear.

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Similar to the etiquette with wedding guest dresses, your hairstyle should complement rather than compete with the bride. Wearing a complicated up-do with flowers or jewels in your hair is a no-go area, as this is probably what the bride will go for. It is fine to wear your hair up, but opt for a simple style and a pretty fascinator. It is also fine to wear your hair down if you prefer.

Respect the venue

There is a very different dress code for a beach wedding than a formal church affair, so make sure you dress appropriately. Ask the bride and groom beforehand if you are uncertain. Remember that if the service is going to be a religious one, there may be a stricter dress code than you might be used to; for example, some churches will expect you to cover your head or take your shoes off. Not to comply with this code is considered bad wedding etiquette and could cause embarrassment.

Now you know how to dress and what suitable looks like, you can relax and have a lovely day.