Travelers would pay more for those hotels with better recommendations online

The influence of the recommendations and comments from other customers in the tourism sector is crucial for making the final decision.

An influence that not only manifests when deciding on which establishment booking, but how much is the customer willing to pay for it.

No missing data to support these claims. On the one hand, this year’s report PhoCusWright TripAdvisor and showed us that 80% of travelers see at least 6 reviews online before you decide to make your reservation.

Travelers would pay more for those hotels with better recommendations onlineIn addition, data analysis TrustYou reflects how these valuations by customers define value they attribute to the reservation. Consequently, for hotels, take care of your reputation online is basic to ensure the viability of their business.

According to the study TrustYou, whether it is choice between 2 similarly priced hotels, travelers are up to 3.9 times more likely to choose what that has a higher valuation, by other customers.

Even if the hotel Top rated more expensive, travelers continue preferring this hotel. Not mind paying more if it would get better service. One option chosen by 76% of respondents.

The existence of these first-person testimonials posted by customers who have already enjoyed the service is so important that more than half of travelers would not book a hotel on which find no opinions.

PhoCusWright data TripAdvisor and indicate a growing interest in this type of comments in the last 12 months (62% vs. 57%). Thus, 83% believe that this information helps you choose the ideal, tailored to your interests.

In addition, these consumers have developed an instinct to assess the veracity of comments, which makes them both directly ignore those overly positive ratings, as the most destructive criticism.

The hotel sector is especially one of the most sensitive to negative reviews and customer feedback. Also have a positive online reputation is not only applicable to online pricing policy, but transcends far beyond, influencing the bargaining power of the company in all areas.

Already in 2012, the study by Chris Anderson, Center for Research Hospitality from Cornell University, warned that a hotel that has a good image will be ready to share price rise, since users to prefer lower compared to other online relevance.

Therefore, the hotel industry cannot turn our backs on this reality and face the exciting and complex task of caring for their online reputation.

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