What makes a good HGV driver?

With a small amount of training and practice, the majority of people can drive a car. However, it takes a special kind of person to be able to drive an HGV. HGV drivers do more than just driving from A to B. Check out these tips on how you can be the best driver of the HGV:

Ability to work independently

Many are drawn to HGV driving due to the freedom of the open road. The opportunity to do your own thing for most of the day, in complete control of your own schedule is something that is the envy of others. Those who need conversation and a bustling environment to get through the day may struggle with this type of work. HGV drivers often spend a long time driving alone and should therefore be able to handle being alone and have full responsibility for the truck and transporting goods.

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Spatially aware

If you are naturally in tune with the world around you, HGV manoeuvring in tight spaces would be no problem for you. Whether you need to navigate the narrow streets or anticipate hazards such as other vehicles or pedestrians, spatial awareness is highly useful skills. Most drivers quickly get the hang of knowing what is happening around their vehicle.

Vehicle awareness

There is no requirement to be a mechanic, but when something goes wrong, it can be useful to have a basic understanding of vehicle mechanics. Such knowledge can also help you identify problems before they happen, so you can take action and save time and avoid long delays while repairs take place. For unavoidable breakdowns, consider Car Recovery Swindon at a site like https://www.nd-services.co.uk/hgv-breakdown-recovery-swindon/


An HGV driver must have a sense of responsibility. If the goods are damaged because of the way the vehicle has been driven then you have to take responsibility.


Drivers of heavy goods vehicles should be alert constantly and ready to respond quickly to the ever-changing road conditions they are dealing with. They must make sure they are well-rested and able to handle the task at hand. This is a potential catastrophe if not done due to the fact that if the driver falls asleep at the wheel then they can cause harm to themselves and other road users.

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Doing this job, it is recommended to have plenty of stamina for the loading and unloading of goods, some of which will be large and heavy. The job therefore requires a certain amount of physical strength to load and unload without problems. Also, drivers need stamina for the long drives involved.

Good time management

The driver should always make sure they are consistent and can make all pick-ups and delivery on time. This is important because if they are late or do not show up it can reflect badly on the company you work for and therefore result in lost business and money.






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