Assume now throw away huge amounts of money trying to position pages in google without success. Most companies raised position in Google and reach new, either because they did previously, or because they are newly established, have little chance of success.

Almost certainly we want to position with terms that are already occupied by companies that carry time, they have much stronger than our budgets, and work with marketing consultants that give a couple of laps to ours.

Alternatives to stop throwing money trying to position yourself on GoogleIn this situation our consultant, if reasonably prudent, we will say it touches, it will be difficult, it will take time, we will fight for these or other keywords, which cannot guarantee anything. We will explain the tools to use, semantic analysis and optimization of our website, optimize its structure, a blog or several and different pages on appropriate themes, creating link building, and similar tools. Following the argument that “we must try” it will invest a budget. It is very likely that this strategy will end in failure. We arrived late and fought against superior forces us.

Alternatively we can try to fight for keywords less competed, for example by adding specialized or local identifiers. I may be impossible position “key”, but it is possible that no one is fighting for “key word” which have much less traffic, but I may be interested. This strategy involves work much more detail and adding many few. But it might be a good choice.

Another option is to analyze who is positioning keywords that interest us and partner with them. We can reach alliances, whether they are competition, as if they are companies that offer complementary services. In this line, we can work with specialized content generation. If I write about marketing and publishing have a few monsters on the topics in which I specialize, it will be very complicated to get head. So, as I have no engine to run faster than them, I better get on the bandwagon and help them. With this strategy I will not get to position my website or my blog, which anyway would be able either, but I’ll have my brand visibility. In the end it is what I want, right? One might object that then depend on those stronger than us and decisions on which we have no influence partners. True. But is not this exactly what we already about Google?

Mentions in blogs are another interesting alternative. I ask blogs already positioned in my topics of interest and are in my target prescribers, publish mentions about my services. These items are permanently online and I can bring traffic constantly.

The alternative then is to work with uncertain results positioning or get visibility renouncing to position ourselves. As always the dilemma is where I put the pasta.

What do you think?