Should you choose metal or plastic garage shelving?

Your garage is the ideal place for creating more storage space, especially for bulky or cumbersome items. It is also the perfect location for storing paint, tools and car accessories that you wouldn’t want in the home. To create decent garage storage, you will need robust, off-the-floor shelving. Taking into account factors such as durability, cost and aesthetics, let’s compare the benefits of plastic and metal.

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Benefits of metal garage shelving

Metal shelving offers many benefits and advantages over plastic shelving, with its biggest benefit being its robust nature. Metal shelving will be able to sustain more weight, making it perfect for large, or heavy items. If your garage doors are metal, metal shelving is a great choice because the two will match. Metal also has a striking industrial aesthetic, which can be a great choice for this kind of space.

Benefits of plastic garage shelving

Plastic shelving is generally lightweight and easy to install. Plastic tends to be more affordable than metal and has the advantage of being easy to wipe down. Unlike metal, plastic will not suffer from rust or corrosion. Plastic also offers more flexibility, as you can generally move it around. This might be good if you want to get even more innovative with your garage storage at a later date.

Plastic has a softer, cleaner aesthetic. If your garage doors are plastic, plastic shelving will create a more seamless look. If you haven’t chosen your doors yet and are looking for garage doors Gloucester, specialists such as offer a wide choice of metal and plastic garage doors.

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There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing metal or plastic for your garage shelving, with both offering a number of clear benefits.

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