Matching Your Wedding Invitations to Your Theme

Congratulations, you’re engaged! After all the excitement surrounding your recent proposal, you now realise you must start planning the big day. The first things to tick off your list are finding a venue, setting a date and mailing out the all-important wedding invitations. But is it necessary to match your invitations to your theme?

Matching Your Wedding Invitations to Your Theme

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Do Wedding Invitations Really Matter?

It is important not to rush into sending out your invitations before really settling on a theme. It’s vital to have a solid theme in mind first, as your invitations will additionally serve as keepsakes for many of your friends and relatives. They also help to shape the entire event, with a specific mood and a palette of colours defining your wedding day.

In truth, many women will have imagined their wedding day even before getting engaged. Your wedding invitations are the first thing that your guests will see so, if your are one of the few brides who has no idea what kind of wedding you want, it is very important that you spend time seriously considering how they will come across to them.

Once you’ve got your theme, you might want to consider ordering handmade wedding invitations (available at to add a personal touch. Now is the time to let your imagination run wild!

Choosing a Theme

When picking your colours, bear in mind your ideal flowers and the bridesmaids you have chosen – for instance, will the dress colour(s) suit their hair colour or skin tone? You also want to make sure that the colours represent the mood you are hoping to convey and match your chosen venue.

Finally, the wording on your invitations also plays a big role in setting out your mood, so be sure that you consider some text that fits in with the evolving theme. For more information on the general etiquette of wedding invitations, see this useful article posted by Huffington Post:

Specific Themes

If you have a set theme in your head, such as a 1930s Gatsby bonanza or a rustic country celebration, make sure that this comes across on your wedding invitations. Not only does it get their imagination going and raise the excitement levels even more, but it helps them to know what kind of wedding they will be attending and what the dress code is.

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