What to expect on a tank driving stag do

The stag do is traditionally thought of as the last chance for a single man to mingle with his mates and participate in some seriously macho activities. Scantily-clad ladies may or may not be involved, but plenty of alcohol is usually a given. There’s usually at least one organised activity that is designed to get the testosterone flowing and bring out the masculine competitive streak, and tank driving certainly fits the bill.

What to expect on a tank driving stag do

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So macho

Most stags will be familiar with the usual culprits: karting, paintballing and quad biking. These pursuits all involve getting muddy or going quite fast. This is macho enough, but what if you could really shift your activity up a few gears and do something seriously breathtaking?

Step forward – or roll forward – the mighty tank. Several tons of armoured metal, complete with turret and guns, are just waiting for a crew of brave and tough stags to steer them into battle. Activities simply do not get more macho more than this.

According to the Daily Mail, around 50 per cent of stags go abroad because they do not think the UK is exciting or memorable enough. Clearly those 50 per cent have not discovered the joys of tank driving in the UK countryside.

How it works

Tank driving and alcohol really do not mix, so try to limit the partying the night before. You will need to have your wits about you to learn how to steer one of these huge metal beasts, which is why most stag groups arrange for the heavy drinking to take place afterwards.

At the venue, you’ll be given uniforms, including a helmet, and you’ll be given an introductory talk and safety briefing. Then it’s into the tank, where your instructor will guide you on a lap of the course before handing over the controls.

Some venues offer a simple circuit to steer around, but you can be even more adventurous with your choice of package. For example, Nottingham tank driving specialists Armourgeddon offer a choice of tank-themed activities including Tank Battle Paintball at https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/.

Don’t forget to take plenty of photos so that you can show your friends afterward. After all, it is not every day that you get to be in control of a genuine tank!

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