Superfoods are fashionable and at this time of the year those options that contribute to weight loss are promoted, as we are more vulnerable to fall into temptation when our body is exposed with the use of a swimsuit. However, we show you the green smoothies, the Goji berries and three other foods that do not serve to lose weight as you thought :

Green smoothies or green smoothies

The smoothies are easy preparations, which can help us solve meals in no time. However, there is nothing special about green smoothies or green smoothies or promote weight loss.

Frequently they are associated with depuration or detox diets and perhaps that is why they are linked to slimming properties, but in reality, our body can detoxify only and this process does not always go hand in hand with weight loss .

Although we can drink green smoothies in order to lose weight, we must know that their consumption in the middle of an unbalanced diet will not help in anything to achieve our goal, since it also provides calories and does not subtract them from the body.

Goji Berries

The Tibetan Goji berries are a food that is marketed dehydrated and also attributed valuable properties that can lose weight. And while they are rich in fiber and antioxidant polyphenols, they are not more remarkable than other berries or red fruits.

In addition, they provide calories and concentrated natural sugars and can cause allergic reactions in some people sensitive to them as indicated by research published in 2011 , therefore, neither are a magic slimming product nor complete enemies of our diet, but simply do not stand out over other fruits that can also offer good properties.

If we want to lose weight , nothing better than eating a healthy diet and in the middle of it, we can add Goji berries or others to obtain good nutrients.


I must admit that talking about kombucha generates a feeling of rejection, because it is a fermented drink made from black tea, sugars and a fungus, therefore, it is a beverage that has polyphenols, alcohol, sugar and minerals.

It is not a magic drink, it has not been proven to help burn fat or lose weight more than green tea, for example, rich in catechins; Furthermore, it can be harmful to the organism if it is ingested in large quantities, according to a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

Of course, it does not satisfy, it contributes calories and does not elevate the metabolism more than the black tea or green tea that gives rise to it and that also does not have as many calories as kombucha that has alcohol and sugar.

Therefore, kombucha is neither advisable nor effective to lose weight and take care of health.

Chia seeds

This seed, like others, is a food with a high nutritional value source of vegetable proteins and fiber that can easily satisfy us, however, a research published in Nutrition Researchconcludes that its slimming properties can not be proven .

Although included in the framework of a balanced diet and low in calories this seed or others could benefit us, by itself it does not have magical properties and it will not make us lose weight if we continue eating as before, not moving or not modifying habits of life.

Then, add this seed daily, without making more changes in our behaviors, far from helping you lose weight you can add calories that encourage weight gain.


The Quinoa is like chia seeds, a great food that can satiate the body easily because it is source of vegetable protein and fiber in large amounts, however, as stated above, consumption alone will not help you lose weight.

I know people who intend to lose weight by adding quinoa seeds to their breakfasts simply, however, this isolated behavior is only a source of calories and good nutrients, but it does not have the miraculous power to make us burn fat .

If we want quinoa to help us lose weight, we should consume it in adequate quantities, within the framework of a balanced diet, an exercise plan and other healthy habits.

As with supplements , many foods are not used to lose weight as we think or are not good resources if we use them in isolation, because even if it is a superfood , it will not have the miraculous power or a magical effect to help us lose weight while we drink and eat without limits.

To lose weight, nothing better than taking care of our habits in general, without resorting to commercial solutions.