What are the warning signs that someone is having suicidal thoughts?

Some people will be vocal in expressing their suicidal thoughts, while others will try to hide their feelings, thinking and intentions. This is why it is important to recognise the potential warning signs of suicidal thoughts and seek help.
Recognising suicidal intentions

Suicidal intentions are not always easy to recognise. It can be particularly difficult if people are trying to keep their thoughts hidden; however, as students completing mental health training courses in Milton Keynes and elsewhere will learn, there are often outward signals that can be spotted. These may be extremely subtle but can often be picked up with the help of some background knowledge.

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Common warning signs

People completing mental health training courses Milton Keynes and other parts of the country are taught that there are some common warning signs of suicidal thoughts; however, specialist knowledge is not needed to spot changes and seek help from organisations such as the Samaritans.

The most common signs of suicidal thoughts include a person vocalising thoughts about not having a reason for living; feeling trapped, worthless or hopeless; giving away their possessions; and trying to organise their affairs in the event of their death, such as making a will. A person who is experiencing suicidal ideations may also start researching means of harming themselves, such as searching the internet, stocking up on medication, or showing signs of alcohol or drug misuse.

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Other less obvious signs to look out for include someone who is sleeping or eating too much or too little, a person who is acting anxious or in an aggressive or agitated manner, and someone who is avoiding people such as loved ones and spending more time than usual alone. They may also be behaving recklessly.

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