When it comes to business profile promotion, one name that is quite popular is Crunch Base. Started by Mike Arrington in the year 2007, Crunch Base has become one of the top firms in regard to tracking Tech Crunch start-ups. The following are some expert predictions on the company’s future:

No Longer That Simple Tech Graph Tracker

Crunch Base started as a simple firm that tracked start-ups that were featured on TechCrunch. The firm offered invaluable information and profiles about the featured companies and individuals. However, the company is set to expand into other fields other than just keeping statistics on crowdsourced data.

Growing Popularity

When it began in 2007, the goal of the firm was to provide information on different startups. The company had profiles of the companies as well as the individuals. In the last years, the company has seen immense growth. At the moment, it holds approximately 650,000 profiles of individuals and companies.

Business Profile Promotion

Big Enough to Stand on Its Own Feet

TechCrunch, which was the main focus for Crunch Base, was part of AOL. Confirming what experts predicted all along,Crunchbase has certainly become quite large. It can, therefore, stand on its own.

Immense Potential for Growth

Crunch Base started as a simple company whose role was to keep track on the startups that were featured in TechCrunch. The once simple venture has been gaining popularity lately. Pundits predict that the Company still has lots of ground to cover.

Future Spin-out

Due to its potential for growth and a large database, analysts predict that Crunch Base will be spun out from the parent company, AOL. This is seen as the best way for the company to focus on its goal and remain relevant.

Business Profile Promotion Playing a Role in Crunch Base’s Popularity

Companies and individuals are always looking for ways to improve their market presence. This is the only way to remain relevant. Many have found Crunch Base to be the ideal launching point for their businesses.

CrunchBase Data Essential for AOL

Experts predict that Crunchbase will be spun off from the main company, AOL. Nonetheless, AOL will still maintain its presence as a shareholder. In fact, it will use data from CrunchBase as a template for its technology.

Crunch Base the Most Comprehensive Database for Startups

Many companies follow the same concept as Crunch Base. In fact, the market has experienced increased competition as more companies venture into the market. Experts still see Crunch Base maintaining its top position as the most comprehensive database in the world.

Main Focus Is Tracking Tech Graphs

Crunch Base started as a tracker for startups. Analysts still predict that this will remain the company’s focal point. This opinion is supported by the recent redesigning of the company that focused on tracking and tech graphs.

Emerging Competition

There are many tools used in building profiles and tracking startups. Social graph from Facebook and Professional graph from LinkedIn remain some of the biggest competitors for Crunch Base. This rivalry is still expected in the future.

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