We live in a digital world now with countless opportunities to see messages every day from all sorts of different businesses. We remember some more than others, and some are instantly forgettable. What makes the difference?

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The principles remain the same as for more traditional marketing: think about the message, the audience, and how best to connect the two. Finding relevant content to communicate through digital channels can be a challenge; by nature of their movement and flexibility, they attract attention, which means that they must be engaging and look good. Once you make the commitment to installing a customer-facing screen, for example, you need to make sure it is kept up to date – a blank or highly repetitive screen is arguably worse than not having it in the first place.

Free Tools

Creating content is no longer complicated. There are lots of free tools – try Canva – with useful templates and easy editing so that you don’t need in-depth knowledge of Adobe programs like Photoshop. It also allows users to create images in various sizes of templates or to create bespoke sizes, and they’ll all be high-resolution and the perfect fit – getting the photo size wrong on social media can not only lose impact but also have a detrimental effect on your brand and image.

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Re-use Existing Content

There is no need to start from scratch every time. Use photos you already own, or link up your social media feed. Perhaps even scroll your website. If you’re struggling for images of your own, there are plenty of sites offering stock images that can be incorporated into your signage. The key is to ensure they are royalty-free so that you are not in breach of copyright. Pixabay is good for still images, and Coverr is useful for videos. Encouraging user-generated content is an effective way of adding credibility to your message.

For more insight into why digital signage, as well as other digital media, should be part of your overall marketing strategy this year, see the information from Smart Insights. Get in touch with specialist businesses like moodmedia.co.uk/digital-signage-solutions to see how they might help with consultation and implementation of your strategy.

Of course, digital media can also be an effective way of communicating with members of staff with messages like announcements, recruitment or other internal messages.