The Five New Must-Have Wedding Photos

With all the arranging and planning that goes into creating a wedding, it’s hard to imagine that in just one day it’ll all be over. That’s why your wedding album is so important. Your photos should capture the moment, the suspense and the pleasure of the day. However, it’s not enough to just have beautiful romantic couple shots: you need the support photos too. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the five new must-have wedding photos to include in your wedding photography in Hampshire.


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1. The Bridal Portrait

This special photo needs to be taken at just the right moment – in the last minutes before the bride leaves her dressing room. A great photographer will prepare and check the lighting in an atmospheric and comfortable corner of the room or garden. This will be the last portrait of the bride before she is married.

2. The Wedding Artefacts

These are the still-life shots that will pepper your album and add balance to the whole. The bouquet resting on the alter or the rings on the cushion are classics, but shots of the groom’s cuff links and rolled-up belt are also memorable.

3. Pre-Ceremony Emotions

Tears of happiness are what weddings are all about. A dad holding his daughter’s hand tightly or the groomsmen horsing around can make great memory photos. Make sure you’re comfortable with your photographer so that like the photographers at they will be able capture this sentiment effortlessly.

4. The Wedding Ceremony from Afar

This requires that the photographer step back and capture the scene as a passer-by might see it, from just outside the church door or from the other end of the lawn. This gives an album a great sense of perspective.

5.      The Older Generation Living It Up

So many wedding albums are mostly composed of friends of the happy couple showing their personalities off, but bear the future in mind. Take the opportunity a wedding offers to capture your parents and grandparents having a good time too. These smiling photos will one day be priceless.

In the end, on your wedding day you should be able to live in the moment and not give a second thought to the wedding album. Talking through your wishes with your photographer will help ensure your special day is well remembered.

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