When it comes to weddings, most people expect the best possible service and results, from the venue and staff to the food and entertainment. We take a look at just three little tips to help ensure you get the most from your wedding band.

Road-Test Your Wedding Band

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Location and Timing

It goes without saying that anyone organising a wedding will want the band to arrive in plenty of time for sound checks and rehearsal. If you’re looking to hire musicians that are based locally, it may well be worth meeting with them at your chosen venue beforehand if at all possible, regardless of if they have performed there previously.

Many popular wedding venues are heavily subscribed, so often it may not be possible to have them provide a sample performance or rehearsal. Still, such a dialogue can be useful in any business arrangement, and by meeting with the band you can get a greater idea of their strengths and weaknesses.

Attitude and Flexibility

If you have a strong idea of the songs you want played at the wedding, you may well want to make requests. This is a relatively common occurrence encountered by wedding bands all of the time. If the band is unwilling to do so for whatever reason, it’s usually best to find another – such behaviour is often a sign of unprofessionalism, unless the band in question is of such renown that they can afford to be inflexible.

Most professional gigging musicians such as fatcatsoulband.co.uk and others are willing to accommodate and learn new songs, but it’s best to let them know well in advance so that they have ample time to prepare.

Reviews and Feedback

As this article by Bridal Guide points out, there are a number of things that you can do to get a feel for a particular wedding band. Most groups have websites that are updated regularly with things such as sample performances and customer testimonials. Additionally, lots of independent review sites such as Yelp and others have feedback and testimonials for many wedding bands across the country. Combined with Google, you can use these tools to find a local group – a Dorset wedding band, for example – and compare and contrast with other available options.

Testimony and performance recordings are essential for evaluation. Review these carefully to find a reliable favourite.