perfect wedding venue

How to pick the perfect wedding venue

When planning a wedding there is so much to think about. Who will you ask to be your bridesmaids or best man? Should there be a theme? How many people do you want to be there, and what canapés will they want to eat? While lots of these decisions will seem pretty minor, some of them will require a lot of thought. Like where the venue will be, and how to make the day one that is perfectly you. Luckily the south coast is full of beautiful venues: from Sopley Mill in Dorset to The Italian Villa in Poole or Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, you will be sure to find somewhere local that will fit your style.

perfect wedding venue

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Top tips

Selecting a wedding venue can feel a little overwhelming, so here are some top tips:

– choose how many people you want to invite, as this will affect which venue you pick.
– set a budget and stick to it!
– decide whether you want a venue that suits your chosen date, or whether you are happy to be flexible for the perfect venue.
– consider any accessibility limitations. Will there be enough parking, for example?
– does it feel like you? And does it suit the vibe of your wedding?
– are there any perfect photo opportunities – stunning views, cute corners or open spaces to snap the perfect keepsake?

Memories to last a lifetime

Once you have found your perfect venue, it’s important to choose the right photographer to help make the most of it! A good wedding photographer will help to capture those magical snapshot moments for you to treasure for years to come. And it’s face it: having spent months choosing the perfect venue / seating plan / decorations / dessert selection, the last thing you want it a pushy or invasive photographer interrupting your special day. Local photographers such as will get to know you ahead of the big day so that they can take pictures that are perfectly you. Make sure to pick a photographer whose work you love, who you can trust to be honest and who you feel comfortable to have with you on the biggest day of your life.

Once you have chosen your venue and photographer, the rest is plain sailing! Good luck, congratulations, and remember to have fun!

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