Brilliant Mother of the Bride

How to be a Brilliant Mother of the Bride

Your daughter has just announced her engagement to a fabulous man and you’re over the moon, now how can you be the mother of the bride that you wished you’d had for yourself? We’ve read through the UK’s top Mother of the Bride blog articles to create the essential guide to being a wonderful Mother of the Bride.

Brilliant Mother of the Bride

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Be a Great Listener

Your daughter will have ideas galore, and will want to bounce them off someone, probably you. Rather than slam down all her ideas, let her talk and ask useful, reflective questions. Rather than “No way, that’s too expensive what are you thinking?!” try “Wouldn’t that be lovely, you’ll have to look into the numbers but it’s something to think about isn’t it?” She probably won’t go for the live doves, she just wants to fantasise about them.

Keep a Check on your Agenda

It may be really important to you that Auntie Sue and Uncle Brian are invited to the wedding, but if your daughter hasn’t seen them for 20 years and would rather have some friends from work, you need to bear in mind that it is HER wedding.

Have Fun

What your daughter really wants is for everyone to enjoy the wedding. If you stress, she’ll stress. If you’re feeling anxious, talk things over with your friend or husband and try not to let the bride know how you’re feeling.

Knowing what to Wear

Getting the outfit right is important. Ask your daughter what she thinks and use blogs such as Style & the Bride for inspiration.

Be a Good Support

Wedding guests can become difficult. It may be they feel that their partner/children should have been invited, or they are merely asking hundreds of questions about the hotel, directions or attire. Offer for guests to RSVP to you so you can take on the brunt awkward conversations.

Overall enjoy the journey, it’s (hopefully) only once that your daughter will marry. Try not to be critical and try to shoulder the burden of the work whilst remaining strong when you’re needed to. Just like being a mother in general, being the Mother of the Bride is a largely thankless, difficult task- but the last 30 years of parenting has prepared you fully for this!

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