A picturesque little village in France’s grand Pyrenees Mountains, Gavarnie is a place of complete tranquillity and astonishing beauty. Surrounded by nothing but majestic, mountainous landscapes, Gavarnie is the dream destination for campers longing for that bit of peace and quiet. An idyllic French commune, this destination also offers unforgettable adventure. Here are some of the delights of camping in this heavenly location.

Dazzling beauty
A perfect place to rest up and relax, visitors can sit around the campfire and enjoy the serenity of this sublime location. Whether campers choose to stay put on the site grounds or venture deeper into the Pyrenees Mountains, they will be constantly surrounded by the location’s mind-blowing beauty.

Close to the village, campers will find Gavarnie Falls; France’s highest and most spectacular waterfall. A frightening 422 metre drop, this waterfall is a powerful and awe-inspiring sight to behold. A must for those visiting Gavarnie, campers can enjoy the breath-taking waterfall whilst picnicking on the adjacent rocks. However campers choose to enjoy this view though, they must remember to pack their camera as it is guaranteed they will want to capture this sight forever.

Exciting Adventure 
Campers searching for adventure need look no further; this small little village lives in the midst of an incredible landscape. Next to the grand Cirque de Gavarnie, hiking enthusiasts will find all the adventure they desire. Whether it’s a gentle stroll to one of Cirque de Gavarnie’s stunning lakes or a challenging hike through the rocky, Pyrenees Mountains, this destination has a variety of walks to offer. Both fitness fanatics and casual strollers are bound to find a walk that suits them at this spectacular location.

Those looking for even more adventure, will find it at Gavarnie-Gèdre ski resort. Campers who have braved the cold winter months, should not miss out on the opportunity to ski in the famous Pyrenees Mountains. With ski runs varying from 1650-2400 metres in altitude, both beginners and advanced skiers will enjoy the excitement that this ski resort offers. With 12 lifts and 29 slopes, skiers won’t have a second to get bored at this fantastic resort. Surrounded by glorious, snow-covered mountains,  Gavarnie-Gèdre ski resort is the perfect combination of beauty and adventure. 

Wonderful Relaxation
After adventuring, campers should indulge themselves in some wonderful relaxation and Luzéa thermal spa is the place to do just that. Only 18km away from Gavarnie’s ski resort, this thermal spa offers campers a taste of the good life amidst their wild, camping adventures. A chance to escape the challenging, camping life for a day and enjoy a bit of luxury, Luzéa thermal spa is a completely different beauty to that of Mother Nature.

Decorated with stunning, Napoleonic architecture, this spa will dazzle campers with its man-made loveliness. Offering a Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, massages and bubble baths, this is the ideal way for campers to relax and take a cheeky little break, before venturing back out into the wilderness.

With dazzling sights, exciting adventure and wonderful relaxation, Gavarnie is the perfect camping spot. From hiking through the rocky Pyrenees mountains to relaxing by the campfire, campers will find everything they are searching for at this fantastic location. A beautiful little getaway, campers should pack their bags and their cameras and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.