Cometh the 17th of March.

The 17th of March is one of the most widely celebrated days in the calendar year. It isn’t Christmas and it Isn’t Eid but for some they party just like it is. It is St Patrick’s day the Patron Saint of Ireland and, for that day only we are all Irish for a little bit and we join with them in celebration of this magical country and it’s many charms. You can get into the look of it by donning some Mens Aran Sweaters that you’ve got from Shamrock Gift. Here are a few interesting things about the big day.

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Although the colour associated with St Patrick’s Day is green, it should really be blue. He also had a colour of his own, branded as ‘St Patrick’s Blue’! But the green revolution of the Irish Freedom of the 18th century meant that it changed to reflect the mood of the moment. Around the world, people wear their green caps, green jumpers, and green makeup. But entire towns were also known to engage in the green celebration. In a tradition dating back to 1962, with plans for the River Liffey, in Dublin, to go green next year, the Chicago River has been dyed green for the day. But the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio, the London Eye and the Colosseum of Rome all had a moment in the green spotlight, too.

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In 1737, in Boston in the US, the first ever parade to celebrate St Patrick’s Day was held. In 1766, New York joined the party, but until 1903, Ireland did not hold its own parade, Dublin only joined the party as recently as 1931.

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