You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

There is an old saying that dates back to the 16th Century that is attributed to the English Writer and Politician, John Fitzherbert, that says, “You can’t teach an Old Dog New Tricks”.  Meaning people are often set in their ways and aren’t willing to try new things or find new ways of doing something.

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However, over the last fifty years older individuals have proved time and time again that you are never too old to learn a new skill and that actually the more you study and learn the more your brain grows.  One specific study that was undertaken recently only used subjects of the older generation, ageing upwards from fifty-eight to eighty-six.  Taking between three-five new classes for approximately three months, it was determined at the end of only one and half months that their mental abilities had increased significantly to the level of individuals thirty years younger! Learning new skills such as participating in an accredited IPAF Course, if run by a professional, experienced, well-established company such as is highly recommended.  Not only will the intensive training courses increase your brain power but they will help with hand and eye coordination.

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