If you search the internet for information about the pros and cons of wood flooring, you will find lots of posts talking about this from a customer’s point of view. This article is different in that we will be looking at it from the point of view of suppliers and fitters of wooden floors, both to the building trade and direct to customers.  They normally have a flatbed trolley in the entrance to allow for customers to carry their purchases around the shop and then out to their car which can be found at sites like https://www.she-ltd.co.uk/products/flatbed-trolleys.

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The sizing of wooden flooring varies, depending on which standard sizes have been used in making it. European standard wooden flooring is either 180mm, 189mm or 190mm wide – for wide plan wood floor those sizes increase to 2,200mm, 2,400mm and 2,600mm. Australian sizing is the same as European, but in the US engineered flooring is traditionally sized at 125mm to 150mm wide. In North America, the sizing for wide plank wood floor is the same as European. In terms of thickness, flooring is made either 3cm, 4cm or 6cm thick; the thicker the flooring, the more stable and durable it is. Most customers choose 150mm/3cm thickness flooring, which is also the most cost effective way of buying wide plank wood floor.

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Wide plank wooden flooring needs to be manufactured from a log measuring at least 40cm in diameter. Manufacturers in China generally make their wide plan flooring from European oak, which can appear to be of a lower grade than flooring made from Russian or Chinese honey oak. If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your wooden floor, ask your supplier whether they have products produced from FSC-managed forests. The FSC monitors environmental and social standards by which wood is produced around the world.


Common problems with flooring include end cracks and – most common of all – cupping. Cupping occurs when the planks have warped to raise the sides above the centre. Although a certain amount of cupping can be eliminated by using the gluing method of installation rather than the click and fit method, a reliable fitter will make sure that this will not lead to later problems. How can you ensure you will get quality wooden flooring? The answer is to buy from a reputable wholesaler with years of experience to trade and customers.  Wooden flooring, whether wide or standard width, does have some downsides; however, buying from a reputable supplier will prevent most issues.