Why You Should Pick Up A Guitar Right Now

At some point, most young people realise that playing the guitar is uber cool. Aside from the obvious benefit of extra street cred, have you ever noticed how guitarists look so laid back when they’re performing? They seem to be in their element, experiencing ultimate pleasure. Could it be that the axe has some special powers? Even making Keith Richards immortal perhaps? Here are some tangible benefits of playing guitar:

1.A Pleasurable Experience

Listening to yourself playing your guitar releases dopamine in your brain. According to neuroscientific studies, this is the same hormone that’s released during sex, so playing your guitar could literally be as good as sex!

  1. Pain Free

If you’re sick of raiding the medicine cabinet to deal with your chronic pain, guitar playing can provide some real relief. Listening to music, and especially listening to your own music is an effective way of distracting yourself from pain and thus reducing it. For Gloucester Guitar shops, visit https://www.guitarsmiths.co.uk/

  1. De-Stress

Whatever is stressing you out or getting you down, music is a perfect way to kick back, especially when you’re the one making those tunes. Scientific studies have shown a reduction in stress at a genomic level occurs when people rock out! It really does reverse your body’s response to stress and pressure.

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  1. Strengthen Your Heart Strings

People who rock out Jack Black style have healthier hearts. Those who play and practice for more than 1 ½ hours daily had lower blood pressure and a lower heart rate than people who didn’t.

  1. Stay Sharp

According to recent studies, those who play guitar, or any musical instrument are far more likely to have quicker and sharper brain function. This can help significantly reduce the risk of mental decline as you age. Grab your pick if you want to stay frosty!

  1. Rolling In It

While fame and fortune has inspired many a rocker, it’s unusual for most to make it big in the music industry. However, your guitar could still help you to success. US research has found that those who play an instrument from a young age and continued to hone their craft as they matured were more likely to invent a successful product, start a business, publish their work or log a patent for something.

  1. Record Yourself For Better Exercise


Guitarists will often record themselves, so they can return to practice and improve on certain things. Apparently, recent research has shown that you should be taking your tunes to the gym for your next workout. Music plays much more of a role than just providing background noise to your exercise, it really makes working out far less tiring and painful.

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