It’s no surprise that holidays are good for us. Most people would agree that they would like to holiday more. What if you were told that this was possible and that multiple short breaks are better for you than one long holiday once a year? Taking more short breaks for a weekend or a few days is better for you, physically and mentally. Here are some of the reasons why:

See More Places

A long holiday gets you very familiar with one destination and allows you to travel to far-flung places, but lots of short breaks allows you to experience many more places. Imagine taking one weekend break each month. That’s 12 new destinations in just one year! For information about coach trips, consider Coach hire Gloucester with

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Busy Short Breaks Feel Longer

When you’ve only got a short time in a place, you’re more likely to pack more into your time there. Several different adventures over the course of a long weekend will make it feel like you’ve been away longer and done so much more. When we spend a long time in one place, we tend to do things at a slower pace and the days all roll into one. When we come home, this makes the holiday feel shorter than it was and with the prospect of no leave left. That is why a short break leaves us feeling more energised.

Less Luggage

Nobody likes packing for a 2 or 4-week vacation. When you go on a short break, you can fit everything you need into a convenient carry-on piece of luggage.

Planning Fun

One of the most fun aspects of going on holiday is the planning and anticipation. Imagine how thrilling it will be to have this expectation and excitement 12 times a year! Planning holidays and breaks gives us a mental boost, motivates us and makes us happier. Why wouldn’t you want to do this more?

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Easier To Switch Off

It can be hard to relax and switch off when you’re leaving work for some time. The thought of all the work that will be piled up on your return can leave you checking emails and actually working while on holiday. When you know you won’t be missing for long, it’s far easier to leave it all behind, turn off your laptop and phone and truly enjoy your break.


Of course, short breaks won’t be as heavy on the bank balance as a long holiday. You’re paying for less time in accommodation, shorter travel distances and won’t need to pay for long stay parking, kennel fees, loads of new clothing or heavyweight suitcases, for example.

Easier For Pets

You won’t have to leave behind your beloved pet for so long and it’s far easier to find someone to feed and take care of them for a weekend than it is for a fortnight!