Why is it so stressful to move house?

Moving to a new house is considered the third most stressful life event after the death of a loved one and divorce. It’s not hard to see why the event can prove so disruptive. Stress is the body’s reaction to perceived events that are beyond control, and this can easily be applied to a major upheaval and organisation involved in a relocation. Most people move because they have to and not just on a whim. Usually there is a reason for moving and also deadlines involved. Here are some reasons why people need to move:

Family needs – Maybe it’s a fun event such as marriage, having children and extending the family so that more space is needed. It could be a necessary step to get into a catchment area for a popular school.

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Divorce or Separation – During a relationship or marriage breakdown, one or both parties may need to find a place to live.

Bereavement – With the death of a spouse or parent, the family home may be too large to maintain and manage, so that downsizing is often the choice.

Professional – A new job may require relocation to another area that also comes with the stress of moving house and getting to know a new neighbourhood or a new and unknown city.

Therefore, it is easy to see why, for some, moving house is considered very stressful. Here are a few unexpected additional stress factors that can creep up on you during the move as well:

It is essential to find a respected estate agent who can do a lot to make the process as calm, efficient and professional as possible.

If you are hiring a removal company, make sure you’ve checked all the booking details with them and give them a call the day before. A good removals company can make all the difference to your moving day! For Removal Companies Essex, visit a site like https://www.relocateremoval.co.uk/

Avoid overpacking boxes believing that you’ll have less to carry. You will soon realize that all of your packing is too big and heavy to carry and it could fall apart as you carry it.

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It’s quite common to realize that not everything is in full working order in your new home. Perhaps the toilet won’t flush or the light bulbs have all blown. Have the numbers for some local tradespeople handy in case you need one in an emergency.

Remember that you will not have direct internet connection and if 4G coverage is not great, you may not have access to online information that is important. Print important information before you move.

It’s a great idea to pack crucial items in bags or boxes that are easy to find and open to prevent having to hunt for things and get anxious. Items such as a kettle, some milk and coffee, medication and toilet paper, for example.

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