We all know that exercise is important for us but as we age we often think less and less about keeping active. Especially if mobility has become an issue and you require the support of a Live in Care Gloucester company. However, a number of exercises can be adapted to work for those with limited mobility and exercise is just as important for the elderly as it is for those in their twenties and thirties.

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Your mental well-being, your physical strength, and even your cognitive wellbeing can be improved by exercise. The benefits of frequent physical activity are closely related to safe ageing after the age of 65: swimming, riding a bike, and taking a short morning stroll.

Physically active older adults are less likely to suffer falls, and less likely to be severely injured if they do fall. In addition, in cognitively stable older adults, exercise and a healthy lifestyle have been related to a lower risk of dementia.

Not only does your physical and mental health benefit from moderate exercise, it can help you retain your independence longer.

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There are some simple ways that you can incorporate exercise into your daily life.

Aim to incorporate physical exercise with something you’re still doing from day to day, like biking or doing chores with the family dog. Second, mix exercise with stuff you like, and try new stuff to keep from getting bored. Third, note that to move your body, you don’t need fancy gear. What you need is a pair of comfortable walking shoes, a swimsuit or maybe a set of light weights if you have access to a pool.