business need Twitter

Why does your business need Twitter?

As more business brands migrate onto social media and wake up to the power of digital marketing, you may be wondering why your business needs Twitter.

business need Twitter

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The fact is that the platform looks set to stay and offers plenty of opportunities for SMEs and big brands alike. This leads us on to the key rationale for getting to grips with the technology:

The reach

All growing businesses need to engage with greater numbers of prospects to drive sales, which means growing a market. Twitter gives you the chance to start conversations with potential customers and to share your brand message and values on a real-time platform.

The engagement

Big name brands such as Starbucks manage to have sizeable followings because they say useful things, ranging from news updates to tips that give them a real hook into audiences. Once the audience is engaged, these brands can share powerful sales and marketing messages to an already-receptive group of potential customers. You can create this engagement by posting valuable content, asking questions, requesting feedback, posing quizzes, sharing advice and launching competitions. An agency specialising in social media and web design in Leicester can help you with this and more.

Better than email

Thanks to spam, misdirection, poor customer data and a tendency to be deleted, e-blasts tend not to be hugely effective. Slow-loading graphics or poor copy mean that many are simply never read, even if they succeed in reaching the end reader. Contact a specialist such as Leicester web design agency Pixel Utopia to find out more.

Twitter is good for marketing, which essentially involves communicating to a warm audience of potential clients to generate interest in your offer. When you have a good follower base on Twitter, your audience is already receptive to your messages.


Twitter also offers a powerful ability to target customers in your geographical delivery area through geotagging, which gives local businesses a great opportunity to market to local customers and to generate conversions. This gives Twitter brands a chance to offer special deals to local customers by location, such as discounted lunch purchases, a special afternoon service for nearby customers or a mystery word to be spoken at the counter. The opportunities are excellent and business users can expect to see more such features released on Twitter over time.

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