Design and content are both important aspects of any website; however, it is a mistake to assume that they are equally important. Web design should be your priority, as it tends to have a much greater effect on the user. As an example, 94 per cent of the participants in a survey who disliked a specific website said it was linked to design elements, with just six per cent complaining about the content.

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This shocking statistic highlights the importance of good web design, but why exactly do users prioritise design content? Here are three reasons why design trumps content:

Good site navigation makes the customer more confident

No one likes using a website that is hard to navigate, as it makes it difficult to plan where you are going. Imagine that your website is a map describing your business. Is it clear and easy to navigate, or would customers struggle to find the smaller sections?

If you want to check that the navigation on your site is effective, simply ask a friend to use the site and ask for their feedback. A good rule of thumb is that there should always be a navigation aid at the top or side of the screen that users can easily see.


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People trust their eyes more than your words

Content is an essential part of most websites; however, it comes with one downfall that web design does not have. Many users trust content less, as they are more likely to assume that it is advertorial. They will still read and trust your content, but they will trust it more if it is presented on a fast, professional-looking website that is easy to navigate. This will make your content more genuine and believable.

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The power of colour

The colours on your website are very important. According to K5ChalkBox, colours have been found to increase readability, comprehension and understanding.

For this reason, you should do some research into popular website colours. When you do this, remember to keep your target audience in mind, as different age groups and genders find different colour schemes appealing. It is also worth noting that blue is a popular choice, as it is very easy to see and read.