Why choose carpet tiles?

Carpet tiling is growing in popularity as a convenient and cost-effective flooring alternative to traditional carpets. What exactly are these tiles, and what are their benefits over full, rolled carpeting?

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What are carpet tiles?

As their name implies, a carpet tile is a squared section of carpeting that is used as an alternative to rolled carpet. They are usually sold at a standard size of 18 by 18 inches and come in a variety of colours and designs. While the pile of the tiled carpeting tends to be shorter than a traditional carpet, there are still enough weave and design options to make them an attractive flooring option for homeowners and businesses alike. They tend to come with an adhesive backing for easy installation, and those that don’t can easily be fitted using double-sided carpet tape. What are the benefits of tiled carpets?

They are cost-effective

The typical cost of a standard carpet for a medium-sized room is around £450, but a report in The Guardian also warns of the hidden, added costs associated with carpet fitting, such as underlay, gripper rods and the labour costs of manually fitting the carpet. On the whole, carpet tiling is much cheaper and eradicates many of these additional costs. They don’t require an underlay and are much easier to fit, meaning that homeowners can do it themselves.


Carpet tiling is easy to transport and install but if we talking about convenience then a delivery service bringing it to you could save time. While fitting a full carpet requires emptying a room, carpet tiling can be installed in phases so you can work around your furniture. They are also a good option for rooms with an unconventional shape or layout and reduce the wastage that you would get with a traditional carpet. If you ever decide to move house, tiled carpets are simple to lift up and relocate.

Long lasting

One of the major appeals of tiled carpeting is the option to exchange and replace sections of carpet should they become worn or damaged. This is something you just don’t get with a traditional carpet because if one section gets damaged, the whole thing is ruined. With tiles, all you need to do is replace the spoiled tile with a new one. This is a far more cost-effective option than replacing a full carpet and gives homeowners peace of mind.

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