Why Bringing Your Dog to Work Could Benefit the Whole Office

In recent years more and more offices have allowed people to bring their dogs to work. This may seem a little strange, but in reality there are lots of benefits to working with your canine companion. These include health and mood benefits.

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Here are four reasons why bringing your dog to work could benefit the whole office.

Dogs Improve Health

A study from the Center for Disease Control has found that pets provide a whole host of health benefits. For instance, they can help to reduce blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol, which are all common health problems in the UK. Bringing a dog to work also means that you will probably exercise more, as you will need to walk your dog outside throughout the day.

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Dogs Reduce Stress

A second study found that people who spend time with their pets throughout the day tend to have lower stress levels in the evening. This is ideal for people who work in an office; many office employees complain about feeling stressed during the day, and spending time with a pet is a healthy way to deal with this stress (especially compared to smoking or unhealthy snacking).

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Dogs Help to Break the Ice

Another benefit of working with dogs is that they can help to break the ice. New employees, bosses and clients will love the fact that the office is filled with furry friends, and if the animals are allowed to roam free, it is very likely that they will head off to make friends of their own. This will help people to feel relaxed and friendly, which will make it easier for everyone to communicate and work together.

Dogs Boost Creativity

Another study found that being around dogs can also help to boost creativity. This could be to do with the fact that most people feel more comfortable when they are with their pet, so it is easier for them to concentrate and come up with creative ideas. So, clearly, there are lots of benefits to working alongside your furry friend!

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