Which qualities make a great carer?

Are you looking for a career in care? Let’s take a look at what it takes to be a care assistant, support worker or care worker.

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Called to care

Put simply, jobs in care are not for everyone. It takes a certain sort of person and although the skills of good support workers or live in carers can be learnt, it is often your personality that offers the best match.

Patience really is a virtue

The old proverb ‘patience is a virtue’ can certainly ring very true when it comes to caring for somebody. From part-time care assistants to full-time live-in carers, remaining patient and calm whatever the situation is a prerequisite to doing a good job.

If you have a sunny disposition, a career in caring could be for you. An elderly person living alone may have no other visitors during the day than their carer, so a cheery outlook and a smile can work wonders.

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Being able to multitask is also a fundamental skill of any good care worker, as they often perform their tasks on their own or within the confines of a small team. There may be lots to do in a short space of time, so a good care worker will rise to the challenge whilst maintaining exceptional levels of care – and not forgetting that smile!

Thinking ahead

The very nature of the job can mean that situations can change very rapidly; therefore, being able to think on your feet really can save lives.


If you are expected at a certain time, politeness dictates that you should be there. This quality is even more important as a carer, as the recipient may plan their day around your visit.

Going that extra mile

Staying a little longer to make sure your charge is comfortable even though your shift is over is one of many examples of going the extra mile. This can make all the difference to the patient.

Personable qualities

Being a good listener and showing kindness and empathy are both fabulous qualities and ones that really stand out in the caring community. Coupled with a willingness to learn, accepting responsibility and continually learning, they really make a difference.

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