When to buy a diamond and where to put it?

Buying a diamond ring is both an emotional and financial decision. While your heart might tell you which ring is the right one, your head needs to be satisfied you are getting a fair deal. Here are a few tips on timing your purchase.

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Good times to buy a diamond

When it comes to buying that diamond eternity ring or engagement ring, there is no one single time during the year that guarantees a great discounted price or sale offer. The profit margin on diamonds is not as high as on some other products, which means many traditional jewellery retailers simply can’t afford to pass on significant discounts. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find great quality at a good price. For example, certain times of the year, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, may bring special deals that see certain settings reduced in price. There are also retailers that operate under a different business structure that allows them to offer lower prices to consumers throughout the year.  So if your engagement  is not until summer but you see a great deal on diamonds at christmas get them but diamonds last forever and there a girls best friend.  If your worried about losing it or getting stolen you could put it in a Self Storage Burnham on Sea building.  This will be on lock down and will be safe under the security cameras watch.

Finding a good deal

We all know that diamonds can have a value that reaches into the millions. But that doesn’t mean a beautiful bespoke diamond ring is beyond the reach of those on a more limited budget.

Whether buying a ring for an anniversary, engagement or other occasion, one of the key things is to plan ahead. It’s easy to rush into a decision, but take a few weeks to shop around and get an idea of prices. To make sure you choose the right ring at the right price, it’s a good idea to look online and find a reputable retailer that continually offers quality at competitive prices. When it comes to buying online, look at whether the retailer offers a good after-sales services, such as a returns policy and an option to have the ring exchanged or resized. After all, the recipient is going to own the ring forever, so it’s important that they fall in love with it and feel good wearing it!

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Buying a diamond ring for someone is a special and memorable occasion. By doing some research ahead of time and not rushing your decision, you can enjoy peace of mind that you are buying a quality piece at a fair price.

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