While you’re busy buying gifts for family and friends this Christmas, don’t forget your furry companion! Here are some great ideas for what to buy your beloved dog this festive season:

Top quality treats

There are lots of safe treats available to buy, but make sure they are the best quality made by well-known pet food producers. Don’t forget you can buy specially-made doggy chocolate that’s safe for them to indulge in. Avoid giving treats of human food as things can get chaotic over Christmas and remind guests that human chocolate is highly toxic to them.

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Safe Doggy Presents

Don’t be tempted to wrap your pet’s pressies in Christmas wrapping paper. It might seem like second nature to wrap them and place them under the tree with everyone else’s, but Christmas gift wrap can be quite harmful for dogs. Sellotape, tinsel, bows and ribbons are dangerous if chewed and swallowed. Younger dogs might also think it’s acceptable to rip apart all the other gifts under the tree as well!

Try to choose something that’s built to last, even if it costs a little extra. Choosing a cheap toy might be false economy when it doesn’t see out the day and could also be harmful for your dog to be chewing on. A safer option is to treat your pooch to a shiny new collar. For Dog Collars and Leads, visit iwoof.com

Avoid soft or plush toys. They might look cute and fun, but they’re not really designed for dogs to play with. They can come apart and if swallowed, can cause a dangerous blockage. Such toys also normally include things like buttons, plastic eyes and noses that constitute a choking hazard.

Anything that’s too small should also be avoided for the same choking and blocking reasons. The last thing you want at Christmas is an emergency trip to the vet. Choose a larger toy which will provide hours of chewing fun and are far harder to tear apart. Ensure it’s made from a strong and sturdy material too.

Plastic is not an ideal choice either as it can break into small pieces that could have sharp edges. If these are swallowed, they can cause painful internal injuries or cut their gums.

Any toy that is battery-operated should also be avoided as well. They might love a toy that moves around of its own accord, but any chewing could end in disaster. Another important thing to note is that if children receive toys with laser lights, never to shine them in the dog’s eyes.

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So, what are the best choices for your pooch? Treat your dog this Christmas to some good quality doggy treats, well-made large and sturdy toys or a fashionable new collar to show off on their walks. As to what they’d probably ask for if they could – your love, more walks and plenty of play time!