What makes merino wool so special?

Merino wool is an incredibly soft fibre that has quickly become one of the most sought out materials for outdoor clothing. So what makes this hyped up material so special? Here we are going to look at the benefits of merino wool and find out what makes it so amazing.

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Comfortable to wear

Normal sheep’s wool can be itchy and sometimes uncomfortable to wear. With merino wool, this isn’t the case. The fibres are much softer and finer than standard wool, so it’s much more comfortable for all day wear. A merino wool piece of clothing will outdo any cotton piece in terms of temperature regulation, warmth and moisture wicking.

Regulates your temperature

Merino wool is so special because it’s very warm compared to how heavy it is. The fibres naturally trap heat, so the warmth is kept in. Merino wool can also help to regulate the overall temperature of your body as well. If you enjoy activities like hiking, running and mountain biking, then a merino wool base layer will keep you warm, dry and well ventilated all at the same time.

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Prevents odours

This type of wool is a natural fibre and if you are a fan of outdoor adventures, you’ll be pleased to know that merino wool can prevent body odour. The wool absorbs any moisture and draws it away from your body. This lack of moisture means that no odour creating bacteria can grow. An Irish merino wool sweater could be the perfect companion for your next camping or biking trip. Having an Irish Merino wool sweater means that odours won’t form and keeps you dry as well.

Are there any disadvantages of Merino wool?

Of course, there are downsides to merino wool, but it’s still a super special fabric. It’s important to take care when washing merino wool garments, to avoid shrinkage, and to keep the garment in good shape. Failing to read the care label could damage your garment.

If you are going for a lightweight Merino base layer, it’s much more likely to develop holes. The heavyweight items hold up much better but may not be as effective at moisture wicking or regulating your body temperature.

Overall Merino wool is a special material and definitely worth the price tag!

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