What is the difference between plastering and rendering?

There is a simple difference between rendering and plastering. Both offer a process for wall coverings, with render being used on the exterior walls and plaster used on internal walls.

The products used for both are almost the same: a mixture of cement, sand, water and lime gypsum. The main difference comes with the type of sand used – for rendering it’s a fine sand while courser sand is used for plastering – and the strength of the mixture.

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What is Rendering?

Rendering is used to cover the external walls of a property. It can be used either on a commercial or residential building, delivering both an up-to- date and modern appearance. Not only will you build a new look, because it contains a high percentage of cement, it will also make your property waterproof, weather resistant and fireproof.

Render is applied with a trowel and finished with a nice smooth, flat finish in patterns or textures. Different coloured pigments can be added to the render before it is applied, which means that it is not necessary to paint when the job is done.

There are various types of rendering on the market today, that vary from acrylic rendering that offers stain and water resistance, to synthetic flexible silicone rendering which is weatherproof.

What is Plastering?

Did you know that plastering is an ancient craft? Gypsum plasterwork can be found in the Egyptian pyramids dating back 4,000 years.

Plaster is used to coat the internal walls and ceilings, giving a smooth, flat surface that is perfect for painting or wallpapering. The addition of lime gypsum is key to providing a smooth and creamy appearance, and because it’s for internal use, it does not need to be weatherproof and fine sand can be used to help to achieve a slim appearance.

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Internal plastering from Plasterers Cheltenham can take from one week to a month to dry, and you have to make sure there are no dark patches on the wall before you start painting or wallpapering. It also has water-repellent properties and can be easily cleaned. For a stunning, professional job, contact Plasterers Cheltenham like Pure Plasterers.

What Are the Benefits of Rendering and Plastering?

Rendering and plastering both offer a relatively easy way to improve the interior and exterior of your property. Inside, you can smooth over the type of brick, while outside rendering is a relatively easy way to refurbish a shabby old property and provide a much-needed facelift. If you want to sell your property, the buyer will appreciate the elegant, sophisticated, up-to-date view.

Modern rendering and plastering also allows for a myriad of choice at your fingertips with a variety of colours and finishes, from a neutral finish to a contemporary colour palette. Rendering and plastering can add thousands of pounds to the value of your property.


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