What if they were a web designer?

David Essex is a musician, actor and singer-songwriter who has been active in the entertainment industry since 1963. He was born in 1947 and since the 1970’s has attained 19 top 40 singles in the UK, (including two number ones). Whilst not born in the county, he moved to Romford in Essex and presumably thought it was good enough to name himself after! He was very musical but also loved playing football and dreamed of being a professional player. Imagine if he never achieved any success as either a musician or a footballer, after all, they are tough careers to get into. What if he was a web designer?

“Can’t Nobody Love You” – if you’re not getting the visits and the sales from your website then something’s up and it might well be time for it to receive some professional help. Sometimes no matter how incredibly creative you are, there are certain established steps that need to be taken to ensure success. Follow advice about good quality web content as people desire information and they want it delivered to them quickly and reliably. Superior content is a must whatever the nature of your site if you want a site that’s frequently visited and easily found through search engines.

What if they were a web designer

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“Just For Tonight” – make sure you’re there for your customers all the time with a responsive and easy to use website. This is a very important concept in website design as you want your customers to trust your business and you want to help them achieve this by offering easy to use, clear navigation. Your visitors must be able to navigate quickly and be able to find useful links and relevant information. Search boxes may be helpful for large quantities of information and call to action buttons must be well placed. If you say something will be there, make sure it is. For Web Design Essex, visit https://webwax.co.uk/.

“On my bike” – don’t scare off visitors by having too many colours, text that is too small or white on a  black background as this will make it harder to read and is a big no-no when it comes to the design of your website. Too much information incoherently scattered all over the place and navigation that takes you nowhere is also not advisable. Pointless animations and logos that serve no purpose will have your customers clearing off as fast as they can.

“Hold Me Close” – keep your customers close by asking them if they want to join regular email newsletters. Set up a Twitter account for your business as this is a great medium for offering discounts and offers. Tweet your whereabouts if you have a physical store and regular updates and before long you will have followers and these are potential customers. Also set up a Facebook page for your services as you can upload pictures of what you offer and it lets people know what’s new in the business making you look more professional. Always link back to your website for maximum benefit.

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