What face shape are you?

Make-up should not only make us look great but should be fun to apply too. We should be able to experiment and enjoy trying out new products and looks. For the best results though, we should take into account our unique face shape. Here are some tips for how to apply your make-up depending on the shape of your face:


If you have an oblong face, it means the length of your face is about twice as long as it is wide. Your make-up should provide balance and help to emphasize the width and not the length of your face. When applying blusher, rub onto the protruding apple part of the cheekbone and work outwards and back to add width. If you use a bronzer, then apply to the hairline and along the bottom of the cheekbones up towards the temple. You’ll also want to apply it under the chin and blended in back up the jawline. Try not to highlight the chin or forehead as this will make your face look longer.

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A round face is ideal for looking younger, but you might want to add a little edge sometimes. Places to highlight include the chin, centre of your forehead, the very top of the cheekbones and under the brow bone. Bronzer can be applied to the whole outline of the face and underneath your cheekbones. Use a brush to apply blusher away from the nose, up over the apples of your cheekbones, out towards your ear and then downwards to minimise the roundness. Keep skin clear of unseen bacteria by cleaning your brushes regularly. For the Stylpro brush cleaner Ireland, visit http://www.beautymatters.ie


This is the most balanced of all face shapes, so make-up is usually applied fairly standardly for oval shaped faces. Bronzer should be applied by beginning at the temple and working down to the centre with blusher at the temples and working down to over the apple of the cheekbone. Good spots to highlight include the bridge of the nose, chin, temple and brow bone.


People with this face-shape are lucky in that they often have prominent cheekbones. Great spots to highlight include the bridge of the nose, the brow bone and the high peaks of the cheekbones. Bronzer should be applied from the top of the forehead and blended in down to the temples and underneath the cheekbones. Applying your blusher across the apple, up to the temple and then downwards will help to put the focus on those lovely high cheekbones.

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The outcome you’ll want to achieve with a square face shape is a softening of the angular lines and lengthening the facial features. Blusher and bronzer looks best when applied to the hollows of the cheeks. To avert attention from a square jawline, use a highlighter in the centre of the forehead, on the chin and cheekbones. Sculpt your brows into a more rounded shape as this looks best for square faces. Dramatic lip colour including a plumping agent is also an effective method for drawing attention to the centre of your face.

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