Dolls have evolved over the years, becoming more lifelike than ever before. Now, a Welsh artist and sculptor has taken doll creation to the next level, by making silicone rubber dolls that are impressively realistic.

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A new breed of dolls

The silicone rubber dolls made by a woman from Rhondda are unlike any others currently available. The precision and detail that goes into making the dolls is astounding, and distinguishing them from real babies is difficult. Little wonder, that these dolls are fetching up to £4,000 and more on online auction sites.

Why the dolls stand out

The dolls are made from a special, super-soft silicone rubber. According to eHow silicone rubber is an elastic and flexible polymer, which lends itself to shaping and moulding.

Silicone, such as that provided by silicone hose manufacturers, is ideal for use in making dolls, as the flexibility of the product enables easy manipulation of body shapes. In fact, the use of silicone rubber for the dolls enables them to be moulded so that the head flops to one side, just like that of a real life newborn.

The doll’s life starts from a ball of high-quality silicone, which is sculpted to make the body with the aid of moulds. Every single part of the process is completed from scratch, from adding the eyelashes on the doll to the hairs on its head. The details are so realistic that each doll comes with tiny veins on the skin and lifelike solid glass eyes. A lot of time is spent creating the mouth, including tongue and gums so that a dummy can be used. It can take up to eight weeks for a doll to be completed.

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Aside from looking just like a newborn, the standout feature of these dolls is that they come with breathing motion. Unlike some dolls you can buy in toy shops, these dolls breathe silently, without making any giveaway mechanical noises.

Who these dolls will appeal to

Doll collectors will, inevitably, be eager to get their hands on one of these latest breed of lifelike dolls, but they might also appeal to those who want a realistic doll as a comforter. The fact that the dolls could be mistaken for genuine babies, also makes them suitable for use in theatre and film productions, advertising, therapy and teaching.