Security work is not an easy task and looking after high profile performers is certainly one of the most stressful. The romantic thriller The Bodyguard from 1992 attempted to highlight the difficulties in the situation whilst also involving a love story around the guard and the guarded. Despite being nominated for a slew of “Worst” awards the film was the second most successful film of the year making Four hundred and eleven million dollars from a budget of 25 million. So, an excellent return especially when you add the forty five million copies sold of the single from the film the beautiful Whitney Houston cover of Dolly Parton’s “I will always love you”.

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You may not need the degree of personal service that bodyguard Frank Farmer can provide but if you are in need of similar Close Protection London services then a call to might just be the answer you need. Whitney Houston plays Rachel Marron a successful singer who finds herself under death threats. The assassin starts strongly by blowing up her dressing room. Her manager decides not to muck about and decides to hire Frank Farmer. Farmer is an ex special operative who has looked after past USA presidents so therefore knows what to look for and what he is talking about. At first Frank is not keen, he’s not a big fan of Rachel’s music and crucially thinks she’s a stuck up Diva who insists on all the blue M&M’s being removed or that everyone should only wear pink on a Sunday or something.

Despite the fact that her last dressing room is in total ruins Rachel is unmoved as to the threats to her life. She is very blasé on the whole subject and gets in a strop with Frank, proving his fears of her Diva nature, when he makes suggestions to her routine. He then gets into a fight in her kitchen with her original bodyguard and things do not seem to be going well until he manfully saves her from a riot at one of her concerts which is strange as her songs are hardly of an inflammatory nature.

After this the pair fall in love but Frank ends it because it is one of the rules that you should not do and it is written on the films poster quite clearly. In a fit of pique Rachel tries to annoy him by ignoring his safety protocols and sleep with one of his ex-colleagues.

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This does not work out well and they all decide to hide out at Rachel’s secluded retreat where another attempt on her life is foiled by Frank. Taking notice of him now Rachel manages to get the courage up to accept a best actress award. The ex-colleague she tried to sleep with turns out to be the person trying to kill her and Frank takes a bullet for her before shooting him back.

Sadly Rachel and Frank cannot be together due to lifestyle differences but as the song say’s she will always love him.