Ways You Can Transform Your Front Yard

Having a front yard is a real blessing for homeowners as there is generally more garden space to plant flowers, and even to have your favourite garden gnomes – not forgetting a gorgeous pathway leading to your front door. If you no longer want a front garden though, there are many different ways you can use your extra garden space to your advantage. Here are different ways you can transform your front yard.

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Garage Space 

If you need extra home storage or even an extra room in your house, then why not make it into a garage? This will be placed on your front yard, so you could use it to park your car in, or you could use it as a guest room or a hobby room. This is much better than having lots of wasted garden space that has no use.

A Driveway

Many homeowners know the struggle of trying to find a parking space on their street; if you have these problems, you could transform your space into a driveway. This means you are able to drive into your space without the risk of others hitting your car or you hitting someone else’s car. If you are interested in transforming your front yard into a driveway, you may want to get in touch with https://vmcltd.com/screed/, a company that provides and lays down Ready mix screed Kent way – your front yard will be transformed into a driveway in no time. 

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A Secret Relaxing Garden Space 

If you would like an extra area of garden space to relax in, then why not grow some high bushes in your front yard? This will keep your garden space hidden from passers-by, which means you have the privacy to relax and sunbathe until your heart’s content, and you could even have a garden bench or a swinging chair to chill out in. If you don’t want to plant bushes, you could have a high fence – just make sure to get planning permission first. 

Shed Space 

If your back garden has limited space, you may want to place a shed on your front yard; this could be a standard garden shed that houses your garden tools and supplies, or it could be a luxury shed that can be used as an office workspace or a chill-out area. Many premium sheds even allow you to have electrics and WIFI in it. Why not revamp your shed into a fancy summer house for you and your friends to chill out in – of course just be sure it fits in with planning permission on your street – here are some top summer house ideas.

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