No matter how many luxury hotels or all-inclusive holiday packages there are, camping never ceases to remain a popular choice. People love being out in the great outdoors and all the exciting activities that come with that, such as hiking, biking and swimming, for example. However, there are many people who dread the discomfort, the lack of mod cons and the idea of ‘roughing it’ no matter how much they love the outdoors. Thankfully, camping can now be as comfortable as staying in a hotel, all you need is a few handy hacks:

  1. Double Inflatable Mattress

For those embarking on true camping and not ‘glamping’, a double inflatable mattress will make all the difference to comfort levels. They are a bit of a nuisance to inflate initially but your back will thank you for it at the end of the trip!

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  1. Take proper bedding

Who says you have to sleep in just a sleeping bag? For a real home from home feel, pack proper sheets and blankets, maybe a feather duvet and pillows for a super cosy night under the stars. There is no reason why you can’t include your beloved sleeping bag too, especially if nights are expected to get a bit chilly!

  1. Include a comfy chair

Nobody enjoys the realisation that they have forgotten the seating and so are forced to spend the trip sitting on the floor! If you’re investing in a thick and luxurious inflatable bed, include an inflatable armchair too! These blow up seats are easy to carry and offer a super soft place to park your butt and relax.

  1. Generator

This is a real luxury but why not bring some luxury living to the great outdoors? One of the most inconvenient things about camping is a lack of power. No way to play music, charges devices or run heaters, for example. In today’s device-filled world, having a means to charge things like Go-Pros, cameras, mobile phones, GPS devices and anything else you might want the luxury of using. Consider portable Generator Rental from a site like Newburn Power Rental

  1. Add a mirror

Seasoned campers will know the little tricks that transform a tent, but do you know about the mirror hack? A mirror isn’t normally on a camping kit list but a mirror has the brilliant effect of making your tent look bigger, attracting lots of additional natural light and a handy place for doing hair and make-up! Free standing ones are the best as obviously there is no wall to hang it from.

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  1. Pack an eye mask

Light sleepers can easily get disturbed by the rising sun way earlier than they actually want to get up! Whilst we can hang blackout curtains at home, this isn’t a luxury we have in a tent. A clever, easy fix is to take an eye mask with you and ideally, a pair for everyone on the trip. They are super cheap and can help everyone get that much needed extra shuteye.