Water mist systems have become an increasing popular alternative to the traditional method of using fire sprinklers in recent years. Rather than emitting a stream of water to suppress outbreaks of fire, water mist systems cover the blaze with a very fine spray. This method has so far proved to be highly effective.

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The paper reported how the life of a vulnerable pensioner was probably saved by the presence of a misting device. The Guardian has also extolled the many virtues of such devices.

Here are five advantages of installing water misting systems to help to fight outbreaks of fire.

Starves the fire of oxygen

The fine spray that emerges from the nozzles of water mist systems has the effect of reducing the heat from the flames; more importantly, it starves the fire of oxygen through evaporation, thereby lessening the fire’s intensity and its ability to spread.

Covers a wider area

By its very nature a fine mist can cover a much wider area than a stream of water, which should help to prevent the fire spreading to other parts of the building.

More effective in tackling chip pan fires

Chip pans are one of the major causes of fire in domestic properties. The streams of water that come from a sprinkler system simply aggravate a chip pan blaze and could potentially make the situation worse. A fine mist of water will not sink into the oil; instead, it is drawn into the flame itself.

Lessens water damage

The damage sustained by a building after an outbreak of fire is not only caused by the blaze itself. Water damage is also a real possibility, as is the chance of fire sprinklers being activated by a false alarm and causing extensive damage. Misting devices such as the Automist are a little kinder to properties in terms of water damage.  If enough water mist does fall however it may still be a good idea to make sure you have a working circuit board that will have RCD Tripping Faults that are sourced from places including https://evergreenelectricalandbuildingservices.co.uk/rcd-tripping-faults/  turning off the power in these instances.
Less expensive to install

Water mist devices are generally less expensive to install than the more traditional fire sprinkler systems. This is particularly advantageous in larger properties, such as commercial or industrial premises, where a greater amount of protection is required.