Receiving an employer relocation package can be exciting; however, it can also be inconvenient, throwing up lots of practical considerations. For many employees, it really helps to understand what the offered relocation package includes.

Understanding employee relocation packages

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Some job relocations may simply involve an extra stop on the train, but others will involve moving house and uprooting your family and your life. What can you expect to be offered as part of your employee relocation package to help you to determine whether you are prepared to move?

Many companies include a mobility clause in their contracts and use the specialist services of an employee relocation company to make the transition as easy as possible.

Physical moves

The package may include financial assistance and the organisation of a removals firm. Your cars may even be transported to your new location if you have more than one. You may get a home-finding trip organised for you, or financial support to organise this yourself with funding to cover your travel, rental car, accommodation and meals so that you can secure a new home and schools for your family. Resources such as the DT moving website have lots of useful information.

Financial support

You may get some financial support towards interim childcare, and cultural training if your new location will be overseas. The package may include financial help for costs that relate to home buying, including the payment of mortgage porting fees and mortgage arrangement fees. You may also get financial support to cover estate agency fees; if you rent, the employer will pay any penalty charges that are applied for breaking your contract. Also look out for payment for out-of-pocket expenses and incidentals, such as utility connections and carpet cleaning.

Practical support

Your relocation provider may supply details of local schools, childcare facilities and other necessary features that relate to your circumstances and new location. Support may well be extended to your partner to help them to obtain a new job. Storage facilities may be provided, and furnished housing provided if you will need to wait to move into your own home.

It is important to find out as much as you can and to read the details carefully. Always speak to HR to get answers to all your questions well in advance of any commitment to move.