Try these 4 ways to fix a hole in your sweater

Got a pesky hole in your favourite jumper? Don’t sweat it – it doesn’t have to go in the recycling bin just yet. Here’s the breakdown of how to fix your sweater’s hole in four different yet foolproof ways:

For the crafty crafters out there, darning is a classic technique for fixing small holes in your favourite fishermans sweater mens from Darning involves weaving yarn through the existing stitches around the hole until the fabric has been refilled. This method requires some practice and good sewing skills, but the results can make that hole disappear in a stitch with some well-matched yarn.

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Patch It Up

Darning might seem quite daunting to some of you, so patching up the problem may be your next best alternative. You can find iron-on patches specifically designed for yarn fabric knits. These patches come in many different colours and textures, so you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to blending your new yarn seamlessly with your jumper.

Fuse It Up

This technique offers a more stable and secure alternative to iron-on patches, especially for those larger and more obvious holes. A fusible web is a double-sided adhesive material that bonds fabric together once a heat compress is applied.

You can use a cut-off piece of fabric from another hidden area, or a piece of similar knit fabric to fill in the patch. The fusible web ensures a strong repair that will withstand any elements and the test of time.


Finally, for a more artistic approach, you can transform the hole into a quirky design element. Fancy a bit of embroidery? Perfect. This trend allows you to get creative and cover the hole in a decorative stitch of your choice.

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If you want to inject some personality into your embroidery cover-up, we encourage you to get as creative with it as possible. After all, a jumper should make a statement.

So try out one of these cover-up tips, and you’ll be well on your way with some brand-new threads.

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