Exercises can be done with a rope as a warm-up or basic training. Fulfilling them increases endurance, reduces the risk of injuries and improved the results of the run. Using the rope, you can strengthen your muscles without intense stress on the joints.

Advantages of this type of exercise

  1. Improves the overall physical shape. Training is often used with a rope tennis players, runners, football players, and boxers.
  2. Produced agility and improves the coordination of movements.
  3. Grow stronger and become a beautiful calf.
  4. Increased step frequency, and speed increases.
  5. Burn extra calories. Jumping rope for 10 minutes (at least 120 jumps in 60 seconds) is equivalent to a half-hour jog trot.
  6. Can improve athletic performance without intensive workloads.
  7. Exercises can be done in almost any setting.

Training with a skipping rope

Representatives of the Science of the United States conducted a study to find out how to exercise with a rope effect on the heart and blood vessels. Volunteers were young people of the stronger sex (92 people). They were divided into 2 groups, one of which made a half-hour jog every day, and the second – jumping rope for 10 minutes. After 1.5 months, all participants were tested for physical fitness level, taking into account the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. As a result, all the volunteers were similar data.

Further examination of this question showed an improvement of the heart and blood vessels in men who regularly trained with a rope. Another study found that women, who prefer this type of exercise every day to 5 minutes during the month, increased its productivity and normalized heart rate. To practice this kind of workout you will need to increase your metabolism, which you can increase with supplements like Hordenine.

Where to begin?

If you decided to learn the rope, first apply it to warm up before the main workout. The optimal time to warm up 5 – 10 minutes. As you will notice increased stamina, time can be increased up to an hour. In addition, it is possible to use different variants of jumps: with a crossing, change legs and so on …

The program is for beginners

This program is simple and at the same time effective. It consists of the following exercises:

1) 10 Conventional jumping on both feet;

2) 10 jumping first on one leg, then the same on the other;

3) 20 jumps with alternating feet;

4) In one approach turns 50 jumps. You can take from 3 to 5 sets.


Exercises for advanced

1) Pre-Plan your number of approaches. Jump 3 minutes and 1 minute rest.

2) Do 10 jumping and short rest, then 20 hops and a break. At this rate, the amount of exercise increases incrementally up to 100 times. After that reduces them to 10 times in each set.

3) The intensity and speed jump 20 seconds, then a ten-break. At this rate, you need to make 10 approaches.

4) First, make Burpoe, and then jumping rope 50. Each approach makes less Burpoe, but Accomplish 50 jumps.

5) Alternating jumping rope, sit-ups, and push-ups for half a minute.

Here, in principle, and all the features of training with a skipping rope. Nothing complicated, but the effect is not long to wait. Perform the exercises at any convenient time for you, and you will see how to improve endurance and physical fitness.

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