Installing your TV aerial yourself will save you money, but you’ll need to make sure that you’ve aligned it properly. This isn’t as simple as just pointing it in the direction of the transmitter.

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Before you start work, make sure that you have safe working conditions to prevent a fall from the roof. ROSPA has an e-book on this, which includes useful advice, such as not working at height when it’s wet, and therefore, more slippery –

Signals can follow unpredictable paths

Signals are unpredictable things and can be deflected or bounced around unexpectedly. This means that aerial positioning is sometimes more art than science! An aerial that is positioned correctly and works well in one street, will give poor TV reception in an adjacent street. Sometimes the difference in reception can be overcome by moving an aerial as little as one metre away from its original position.

This means that you can’t always rely on looking at the direction that your neighbour’s aerial is pointing in, and doing the same for yours. So before fixing the aerial, it’s a good idea to run a signal test. However, the equipment for doing this is pricey, so if you are only intending to fix your own aerial, as a one-off job, it may defeat the idea of saving money through your DIY work.

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If possible, test the signal before you start drilling

If it’s not economical to test the signal, then you are stuck with drilling into the brickwork, and hoping for the best. When it comes to TV Aerial Installation Bristol TV aerial installation Bristol has the benefit of some expert local installers, so it may save a lot of time and trouble to call them in.

In general, for TV aerial installation Bristol is not the trickiest location but the particular features of the landscape can produce odd quirks in the way the signal from the transmitter travels across the city.

Although professional installers often work alone, they are safety trained and have appropriate equipment and working methods. If you want to install your own aerial, it can be a lot safer to get assistance from a friend. Don’t rush the job, plan it out in advance and try to eliminate as many risks as you can.