Top Reasons for Buying in Bath

Bath in Somerset is a wonderful place with the whole city being a site with World Heritage Status. You know it’s going to be something a bit special when you hear that. If you’ve never been or even if you’re a regular visitor, here are some top reasons why people love living in Bath:

  1. Easy Commute

If you need to work in London but don’t fancy city living or London prices then Bath is within easy reach. It is still a reasonably long commute but the road and train networks are good, with a train from Bath Spa taking 90 minutes to Paddington.

  1. Culture

Bath is simply bursting with culture and you’ll never get bored exploring all that Bath has to offer. Jane Austen is a famous daughter of the city, with a both a museum and festival dedicated to her. You’ll find fascinating bookshops, the highly-esteemed Theatre Royal and the world-renowned Bath Festival of music and literature.

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  1. Stability

Property prices continue to increase year on year, unlike some of its surrounding areas. Buying in Bath will always represent a good investment as it’s very popular with buyers from London. When economic uncertainties arise, Bath remains stable and steady. For Estate Agents Bath, visit

  1. Beauty

As previously mentioned, Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it demonstrates a wonderful example of Georgian architect, tight streets and a vibrant, European café culture. Made famous for its spas, you can revitalise your flesh and spirit here in the world-renowned spas with the Thermae Spa being Britain’s only natural thermal spa. You’ll also find historic Roman Baths that have been well-preserved and open for decadent bathing, ancient style.

  1. Nightlife

Bath has an ingenious solution to noise pollution, all of its nightclubs are underground! There are plenty of bars and clubs to choose from even though Bath is a relatively small city. There is a university here so expect to experience a lively night time community! The clubs also act as venues for visiting live music acts so there will always be something going on.

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  1. Transportation

Bath is lucky to have some excellent public transport options. There is a 24-hour bus that travels between the centre and the university. There are 2 trains to London every hour and 4 an hour to Bristol. You can also hop on or off the City Sightseeing Tour Bus which stops at 20 different locations around the city.

  1. Universities

Bath’s universities have excellent reputations and are particularly renowned for literature studies. Surveys have revealed that Bath University ranks top in student satisfaction and boasts a £30 million sports training facility, used for the training of many athletes.

  1. Size

Bath is a small city and as such it’s easy to get around and find everything you need within easy distance. It’s also considered to be a very safe city which offers great peace of mind for anybody thinking about Bath as a place to raise a family.

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